Custom Designed Business Evaluation

Duration: 1-2 days
Objective: To provide owners and managers with a snapshot review of your business in key operations categories, and to create an immediate action plan for long and short-term goal achievement in critical focus areas.

Program Outline
During our on-site visit, we will conduct a general review of operations with detailed recommendations for development based on your defined objectives.  Visit duration is determined by your needs. Activities provided in this visit include (but are not limited to):


  • Meet with and interview staff members to assess individual strengths, and opportunities for development.
  • Analyze staff job descriptions and tasks, responsibilities and performance.
  • Review existing performance management (i.e. goal setting, performance review, accountability) processes.

Standards and Values

  • Discuss and assist in the clarification of your core values, performance standards and brand promise.

Structure and Appearance

  • Review and comment on existing physical structure including traffic flow, decor, maintenance, signage, lighting, case presentation, use of space and overall store appearance.


  • Review and comment on merchandising consistency, category coverage and depth, merchandise support and display all relative to the brand identity presented to consumers.

General Operations

  • Analyze general store operations including workflow, repair and service areas, credit systems, procedures, etc.

Management Role Definition

  • Review overall management practices, leadership skills and communication styles.
  • Examine distribution of management responsibilities and identify potential miscues or miscommunication between various departments.

Beginning on the date of contract (typically, well before the initial assessment visit) and throughout the duration of your project, the Performance Concepts team will be available for you as advisors, contact points and resources (unlimited phone, fax and e-mail availability). At the conclusion of our initial visit, you will receive a detailed summary of findings as well as a recommended action plan and timeline for implementation of key policy, procedure and practice adjustments.

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