Operations Review & Assessments

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Duration:  3-5 days
Objective: To provide owners and managers with a thorough analysis of their business in key operations categories, and to create a detailed action plan for business development and long and short-term goal achievement.

Sometimes, a shift in perspective is what a good business needs to deliver beyond 'good', what a growing business needs to insure the greatest return on the effort, resources and energy invested in expansion plans or what a struggling business needs to get back on track. A Performance Concepts' Operations Review and Assessment offers a thorough and experienced look into every facet of your business operation, and provides a new and challenging outlook on the day-to-day functions that most often define success.
An experienced Performance Concepts Consultant will take an objective look at the floor operations of your business, assessing important details in merchandising, staffing, selling skills, customer relations and services. We'll gather similar data (through a customer's perspective) from your primary competitors, and formulate the research into a well developed and customized report and action plan, helping you build a strategy to insure a greater market presence and a higher level of performance and professionalism in your store. We'll help you and your staff prioritize your efforts for the most immediate impact on your business and divide the  ownership of related tasks so that everyone on your team has a clear role in your success.

Program Outline
During our initial on-site visit, we will observe, evaluate and monitor a wide variety of business functions and activities, paying particular attention to the following areas:

  • Meet with and interview staff members to review and analyze individual skills, strengths, and opportunities for development.
  • Analyze staff job descriptions and tasks, responsibilities and performance.
  • Review existing performance management (i.e. goal setting, performance review, accountability) processes.
  • Review existing compensation program and make recommendations for adjustments and productivity measures as needed.

Standards and Values

  • Discuss and assist in the clarification of your core values, performance standards and brand promise.
  • Review existing performance measurement tools to insure alignment with stated values and brand promise.
  • Review existing Employee Manual and make recommendations for revision as needed.

Structure and Appearance

  • Review and comment on existing physical structure including traffic flow, decor, maintenance, signage, lighting, case presentation, use of space and overall store appearance.


  • Review and comment on merchandising consistency, category coverage and depth, merchandise support and display all relative to the brand identity presented to consumers


  • Review advertising programs and materials, assess marketing message and consistency of positioning with actual in-store experience and make recommendations and referrals for improvement where necessary

Client Development

  • Assess current systems and procedures for active client development, information gathering, retention, retrieval and management, and client relationship management.


  • Examine competitor's staffing, sales presentation, customer service, product, environment and merchandising

General Operations

  • Analyze general store operations including work flow, repair and service areas, credit systems, procedures, etc.

Management Role Definition

  • Review overall management practices, leadership skills and communication styles
  • Examine distribution of management responsibilities and identify potential miscues or miscommunication between various...

Beginning on the date of contract (typically, well before the initial assessment visit) and throughout the duration of your project, the Performance Concepts team will be available for you as advisors, contact points and resources (unlimited phone, fax and e-mail availability). At the conclusion of our initial assessment visit, you will receive a comprehensive report of observations and recommendations,  as well as a detailed action plan and time line for implementation of key policy, procedure and practice adjustments.

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