Performance 360°™ Leadership Assessment

Performance Concept's Performance 360°™ Leadership Assessment has been specifically developed for retail professionals who lead, manage, direct or influence the work and day-to-day activities of others. The program blends self-perception with input from peers, direct reports and supervisors to provide managers with clear and objective feedback on difficult to measure 'soft' leadership skills while offering individual development action plans to foster ongoing professional growth. Managers get a new perspective on their areas of strength, opportunities for development and unknown blind spots.

Why is it Important?
Effective leadership is a cornerstone of your brand identity. It supports your vision, drives your mission, and upholds your brand standards. It is the foundation upon which both employee and customer satisfaction is built. The challenge for most retail business owners, however, is in finding a way to objectively evaluate leadership skill while holding managers accountable for day-to-day performance and results. The Performance 360°™ Leadership Assessment enables you to measure your own effectiveness and that of your managers in areas of critical leadership competence, as well as in performance areas defined by your own values and standards. Most importantly, the information upon which you base your evaluation comes from a range of perspectives and sources — Self, Superior, Subordinate and Peer — insuring the most accurate and objective view available.

The Process
Performance Concepts' Performance 360°™ Leadership Assessment uses a web-based, easy to complete questionnaire to gather input from sources you designate. Our system sends out the surveys, issues reminders when needed and collects and collates responses. Respondents remain anonymous and all data is reported in composite to insure integrity. After the data is evaluated, you receive a thorough, customized report for each manager that presents the results, including strengths and opportunities, in an easy to understand narrative and graphic format. Each report is accompanied by a detailed action plan for improvement. The Performance 360°™ Leadership Assessment can be repeated at prescribed intervals after this action plan has been implemented to benchmark improvements and to identify areas in need of additional attention. Owners receive in depth coaching and guidance from Performance Concepts' experts in the best ways to present and utilize reports and information to foster professional growth, personal development and enhanced performance.

Leadership Competencies Assessed
In its basic form, the Performance 360°™ Leadership Assessment addresses virtually all of the leadership competencies critical to most businesses. Skill and performance levels addressed include:

  • Decision Making
  • Results Orientation
  • Information Sharing
  • Communication
  • Developing and Managing Others
  • Building Relationships
  • Team Building
  • Task Management
  • Integrity
  • Personal Development
  • Resilience

In addition, Performance Concepts offers the opportunity to fully customize the Performance 360°™ Leadership Assessment by adding an additional section to the instrument, specially designed to reflect your company's specific mission, goals, and values. We will build a set of questions around your particular objectives that will help you hold your managers accountable for performance that exceeds the standards that define your brand.

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