Hardwired™ Recruiting & Hiring Program

HardWired Essentials

A complete package to help you find and hire the best - people who truly are HardWired™ for retail. Product includes:

  • The Employer's Guide, including  step-by-step instructions to guide you through the recruiting and hiring process

  • The Hiring Documents – the essential forms and documents you'll need, customized for your store and laid out for practicality and ease of use.   HardWired™ documents are presented as protected masters so you can duplicate them as needed. Your document selection includes:

    • Ad copy designed to attract HardWired™  candidates for sales positions

    • A specially designed,  legally sound Application for Employment

    • A series of 25 Screening Interview  questions designed to identify characteristics and thought processes most indicative of success in retail professionals.  The interview questions are presented in a format that indicates what you’re looking for in the candidate’s answers and that provides a place for your notes and comments.

    • A Reference Check Template that provides scripting for conversations with specific candidate references (as requested on the application: a superior, a subordinate, a peer, a mentor and a customer), designed to capture important, relevant information without compromising the position of the person providing the reference.

    • Essential New Hire Orientation Checklist, to help you get your new associate off to a strong start.

Cost:  $595



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