Market Demographics Report and Training Plan

The More You Know, The More You Grow!
What do you really know about your customers and your market?  Do you know how much business is out there – and how much your competitors are taking?  How much do your existing customers spend on gifts other than those they buy in your store?  What if you could increase your market share by just 1%, AND take just 1% more of your existing customers’ gift spending?  
Knowledge is power – and for most stores, that power brings with it the potential for growth that is astounding.  Let the experts at Performance Concepts take an in-depth look at your market and provide you a road map for creating the kind of in-store experience that will help you increase market share and keep your existing customers coming back!  We collect the most current information from a variety of reliable data resources, and deliver a detailed report that includes:

  • Demographic Detail Summary Report:  provides a comprehensive picture of your customer, using the most current census data and 10 and 15 year future estimates to report the most significant demographic variables and trends in critical categories including gender, age, household income, employment, and marital status
  • Consumer Expenditure Summary: breaks down your customer’s average per household annual spending (in dollars) for just under 100 categories, including jewelry, watches, and gifts, providing the essential information that determines market size
  • Market Potential Comparison:  A spreadsheet-based report that calculates your store’s current share of the existing jewelry and watch market  and projects your potential growth based on an increase in market share and on the capture of additional revenue from within your existing customer base
  • MOSAIC Reports:  Geodemographic segmentation data from US Mosaic, designed to help you both accurately describe and understand your customers’ predominant lifestyles, and to help you locate them (relative to your store) on an area map.  Data contained in your MOSAIC reports will help you build an in-store experience best suited to the style, taste and expectations of your existing customers, and will also help you answer the critical questions necessary to develop effective marketing strategies for attracting new customers.

It’s all about ROI – Return on Information.  Even the best data is only as valuable as your plan to use it!  Your Performance Concepts’ Demographic Analysis comes complete with a detailed list of findings and recommendations, as well as a custom-tailored training plan that will help you and your team step up to a higher level of delivery in both sales and service performance.
The most complete, accurate, actionable business information available, at your fingertips now!

COST: $1500 for one store $500 for each additional store from the same company



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