Performance Management System

Beginning with the development of appropriate task lists and job descriptions, your Performance Management System gives you the fundamental tools to establish performance expectations, maintain quality performance and develop individuals and your team into more highly productive professionals. The complete system includes:

Employer's Guide to Performance Management
The Employer's Guide helps you understand the impact of quality leadership on performance and offers guidance in the development of techniques for effective coaching, motivation, communication and conflict resolution. It guides you through the entire Performance Management process and provides step-by-step detail to help get you through the actual performance review procedure.

Job Description Templates
A simple "select or delete" template enables you to describe the tasks associated with every position in your store.

Goal Setting Worksheets
Simple methodology for enabling an employee to consider and set professional growth goals in key areas.

Team Standard Setting Template
A guide to the staff meeting that will help you and your team define your mission, clarify your core values and commit to the daily actions necessary to live up to your brand promise.

Performance Review Format
The performance review process for each position category (sales, support & professional, and management) is detailed in 3 key components:

  • An associate self-evaluation, to allow for direct associate input in key developmental and environmental areas.
  • A review worksheet, to provide a detailed scoring template for evaluating associates objectively.
  • A review summary, created in a clear, concise, user-friendly format that allows you to combine the results of your scoring worksheet and the perspective gained from the associate's self-evaluation with appropriate comments and specific behavioral examples. The review summary serves as the foundation for the actual Performance Review discussion you'll have with each associate semi-annually.

Performance Improvement Counseling Forms
Clear, easy to use and effective tools for noting and describing behaviors or actions that are not in keeping with company standards or expectations, along with a methodology for designing and planning change and improvement within specific timelines.

Termination Essentials
When an associate leaves your employ, the right process can be helpful to your growth and in some cases, essential to your security. Your Performance Management Kit includes both an exit interview format and a termination checklist to help you ensure that you’re getting everything your business needs.

Cost: $1300



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