Staff Planning & Compensation Model

How much SHOULD you be spending on sales payroll? More significantly, how much do you need to generate in gross profit on a monthly and annual basis to justify the payroll you have? What should you expect in production from your sales associates, and how do you go about setting reasonable goals for individuals and for your team? These questions and more are addressed efficiently and effectively by Performance Concepts’ customized Staff Planning and Compensation model.

The right compensation program enhances employee motivation and fosters commitment to both individual and team excellence. We believe that a strong, balanced, incentive-based system will have your staff viewing their efforts as a means to improve their own income and lifestyle and as an enticement to provide even greater customer service.

The Performance Concepts Staffing and Compensation Model builds a 3-tiered package that combines detailed productivity and payroll information from current and prior years into a formula that lays out a base-plus-incentive-plus-bonus structure and monthly, multi-level goals that are consistent for all associates. Management compensation, including incentives based on the store's total gross profit production, are also developed in the system.

Designed with an eye on your bottom line and a sensitivity to staff retention, the Staffing and Compensation Plan will maximize your store's productivity and profit while maintaining and motivating your employees toward higher goals. The system consists of a pre-programmed Excel spread sheet, into which we enter all of your relevant data. The information produced by the spreadsheet calculations enables you to adjust staffing levels and compensation in accordance with business productivity.

Your Compensation Model development package includes a full year of Performance Concepts’ availability to assist with adjustments, staff changes and implementation.

Cost:  $1200 for one store. $500 for each additional store within the same company.



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