New Hire Orientation & Training Program

Hiring right is just the beginning. Start your new associates on the path to productivity with a complete 4-6 week, mentor-driven onboarding program that will help you train them in areas most important to their immediate and long-term success. The program is divided into 11 key developmental areas, and is designed to involve your entire store team in your new hire's initial training. The program includes a set of detailed leader’s guides, a learner’s workbook and a reference guide containing essential reading material for your new hire – all delivered as single copy bound samples as well as printable PDF’s.

Leader's Guides
With a customizable Leader’s Guide for each section, you can assign each key developmental area to the team member most proficient in that area, while directing content details to suit your store’s needs. The Leader's Guides provide detailed information focused on specific learning points as well as training recommendations and proficiency assessment exercises. The key developmental areas addressed are:

  • Company Standards and Expectations
  • Merchandising and Display
  • Security
  • Customer Relations
  • Customer Service Department
  • Point-of-Sale Procedures
  • Credit and Other Services
  • Selling Skills
  • Selling Tools
  • Product Knowledge
  • Goal Setting

Learner's Workbook
New hires receive a Learner's Workbook, containing sections corresponding to each of the 11 key developmental areas. Sections mirror the corresponding Leader’s Guides and also include additional learning exercises and tasks. Utilizing the Learner's Workbook, your new-hire will be able to pursue training rather than waiting "to be trained." The workbook instructs the learner to seek out specific information in each key area and then demonstrate their understanding by completing workbook entries and practical exercises. They are then directed to discuss and review their information with the designated leader for that section.

Resource Guide
While most support material for learning will come from sources within your store, The Associate’s Resource Guide facilitates the initial training process by providing content material covering essential learning topics that are generally consistent throughout retail jewelry stores. Basic information on subjects ranging from security to general product knowledge are presented in an easy to read and immediately applicable format. References to specific articles within the resource guide are provided as assignments in the Learner’s Workbook.

Cost: $1000



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