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Live, Interactive, Online Training!
Let us bring the ‘classroom’ to you!  Performance Concepts takes in-store training into a whole new dimension with PCDirect™ - bringing LIVE ONLINE training to your store.  If you have a high speed internet connection and can open an e-mail, you can be a part of this exiting innovation in retail jewelry training! Register for our PCDirect™ Creative Selling Series and bring your staff to 3 live online, interactive training sessions, transmitted directly into your store. Each program comes complete with a 40-minute presentation by a dynamic Performance Concepts trainer, a program handout you can print right at your store, an interactive question and answer session, and a topic quiz to help measure associate retention.

The PCDirect™Creative Selling Series

Part One: Creative Selling
Now that you have gotten the customer into the store, what are you doing to maximze the opportunity? This seminar examines the ways to generate business utilizing all the tools available to you — from effective profiling skills to enthusiastic presentation and active listening. You'll learn to make the most of your inventory on hand, special order availability, and custom design capabilities. Never let a customer walk again!

Part Two: Creative Closing
"So, do you want it or what?" NOT! The best close most often starts with the right opening. Listening, determining what your customer needs and knowing how to provide it are all key ingredients to sales success. Learn creative techniques to overcome even the toughest objections while preserving the integrity of the relationship — while you secure commitment and close the sale!

Part Three: Creative Client Development
This program is for those who wonder what else can be done after the birthday cards are sent and the anniversary calls are finished. How can you stay in front of your customer, without stalking them? Learn how to develop a strong client relationship through appropriate data gathering and recording, effective information management and distinction and differentiation in execution!

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