Single Day Programs

A full day of Performance Concepts’ training provides the latest in practical information along with an objective voice and perspective. A one-day program is often the best solution for targeting specific problem areas in otherwise well-performing stores, or for simply re-energizing even the most experienced staff. Among our most frequently requested topics:

Active Client Development
A full day of Performance Concepts' Client Development training will equip your sales team with the tools and mindset that will allow them to effectively gather information from the customer in a non-offensive, subtle manner, and then organize and utilize that information to develop long lasting client relationships. For the retailer looking to add professionalism and consistency to the sales process, while developing customers into life-long advocates, this training experience is a must! When used in conjunction with Performance Concepts' Client Development System, Active Client Development Training is the ultimate tool for the sales floor. Even as a stand-alone, concept-based module, it's sure to bring your team to a new level of client awareness and sales success! 
Program Components:

  • The Value of Relationships
  • Collecting the Most Useful Information
  • Ask the Right Questions
  • The Art of Active Listening
  • Managing Your Information
  • Keeping in Touch
  • Methods of Contact
  • Long Term Maintenance

A Day of Diamonds
Give your associates the knowledge and skill they need to become Diamond Masters!  Details in this program are presented from a unique, ‘valuable as it relates to the customer’ perspective, making this a fun, upbeat and effective day that’s all about selling nature’s perfect gift.
Program Components:

  • History of Diamonds
  • Where They Come From
  • Lore, Romance and Intrigue
  • Diamond Value
  • 4 Cs
  • Light Performance
  • Selling Essentials
  • Advanced Presentation Techniques

Jewelry Sales Boot Camp
For a new staff in need of a quick start or for an experienced team looking for a re-start, a full day at Performance Concepts’ Jewelry Sales Boot Camp is just what the doctor ordered.  Customizable to the skill level of your team, this program dissects the anatomy of the sale and helps salespeople build the plan—and the confidence they need to get the job done.
Program Components:

  • Steps in a Sale
  • "ABC" Always Be Closing
  • The "Ladder of Genuine Benefits"
  • Establishing Value
  • Keeping Control of the Sale
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Turnovers
  • Add-on Sales

Product Knowledge Essentials
If your team needs a ‘high level overview’ of important product knowledge elements, this program will fill the bill. Designed primarily for a new store team, a day with Product Knowledge Essentials provides critical information over a wide range of categories at the expense of significant depth in any one. This program is easily customized to balance depth and breadth and to suit your specific store needs.
Program Components:

  • Fashion and Style
  • Jewelry Metals
  • Manufacturing
  • Colored Gemstones
  • Pearls
  • Diamonds
  • Treatments and Enhancements

Communication Skills and Team Building
Your personal and professional success is dependent upon an in-depth understanding of yourself and of those around you. That understanding is rooted in the recognition of the impact your personal behavior and communication style has on others.  Performance Concepts presents a learning experience that addresses the issue of communication style and its effect on work environment and productivity. Prior to our store visit, you and your team members will be guided through the on-line completion of a personal profile (D.I.S.C.) instrument, which we’ll use to identify individual styles as well as an overall team dynamic profile.  On-site time will be spent discussing the essential needs and communication preferences of the various styles, and practicing the skills needed to modify personal delivery for maximum effectiveness in every situation.  This engaging, interactive workshop will open eyes and minds to personal impact while shedding light on the reasons behind (and solutions for!) the communication problems and conflict issues commonly found within working teams. Organizations have successfully used this program to increase team effectiveness and interpersonal communication skills, as well as to improve and maintain both employee and customer satisfaction.
Performance Areas Impacted:

  • Communication Skills/Conflict
  • Management
  • Teamwork/Team Building
  • Diversity/Training
  • Leadership/Management
  • Productivity
  • Managing/Coaching/Mentoring
  • Customer Relations/Sales
  • Stress/Change/Transition

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